PTA Constitution



of the





Name and Definition

  1. The name of this association shall be “British International School Parent Teacher Association”, hereinafter referred to as the “PTA”.
  2. The PTA will welcome families to the British International School (hereinafter called BIS) community and plan events for students, parents and teachers that foster cultural diversity, academic excellence, mutual respect and friendship.


Objectives and Purposes

The main aim of the PTA is to advance the interests of the school and to promote the best interests of the students, parents, and teachers. To this end it shall:

  1. Support and advance the moral, academic, and physical growth of the students.
  2. Promote understanding and cooperation among students, parents, and teachers in particular, and the community at large.
  3. Advice the Director and Headmasters of BIS any observed needs of the school community in general and the students in particular.
  4. Mobilize resources to support and advance the welfare and education of the pupils attending the school.


Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Partisan Character

The PTA shall:

  1. Be exclusively educational in character as delineated in Article II.
  2. Not be conducted or operated for its profit, and no part of the net earnings of the PTA shall benefit any individual.
  3. In its aims and activities, be politically neutral.
  4. Recognize the diversity of nationalities that constitutes BIS, and shall act to foster harmony by recognizing common concerns.



  1. Eligibility: Parents or legal guardians of students presently enrolled at BIS are automatic members of the PTA, as are the present BIS management, teachers and staff members.
  2. Term of Membership:
    1. Membership will continue for parents, or legal guardians, for as long as the daughter or son is enrolled at BIS.
    2. Membership for management, teachers, and staff members will be for as long as they are employed by BIS.


Committee and Officers

The BISPTA shall be administered by a Committee of Officers and Members.

  1. The officers of the PTA shall be a committee consisting of:
    1. Co-Chairpersons (2) who share responsibility
    2. Secretary
    3. Treasurer
    4. Headmaster/ Headmistress of the Primary School
    5. Headmaster/ Headmistress of the Secondary School
    6. PTA Representatives to the Primary School (2) and Secondary School (2)
    7. Faculty Representative to the Primary School (1), and Secondary School (2)
    8. Students Council Representative (1 female and 1 male)
    9. The term of office for all Officers and Committee Members shall be 1 year school term, September-August. Any member or officer is eligible for re-election.
    10. Nominations and Elections
      1. Any member of the PTA, management or teaching staff may nominate a candidate for election at the April PTA monthly meeting.
      2. Due consideration shall be given to creating a multicultural committee that represents the diversity of the school as well as representation in Primary and Secondary Schools.
      3. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May, the slate prepared shall be read, and those candidates nominated from the floor shall be added to the list.
      4. Candidates will be voted on by a secret ballot by the membership of the SGM present to fill the elected offices.
      5. The candidate who receives the greatest number of votes for each office shall be elected.
      6. The Faculty Representatives shall be appointed by the school administration/management.
      7. The Student Representatives shall be appointed by the Student Council.
  1. Any elected member cannot hold the same position for more than 3 consecutive years but can hold another position on the Committee.


  1. Responsibilities of the Committee

The Committee shall:

  1. Be responsible and accountable to the AGM for the running of PTA’s affairs.
  2. Check the minutes of the AGM for accuracy, which will then be circulated via email.
  3. Form sub-committees for specific purposes as deemed necessary.
  4. Fill any vacancies on the Committee during the year; the position then becomes vacant at the next AGM.


  1. Attend all PTA Committee meetings as ex-officio members.
  2. Organize and call the AGM and PTA meetings and see that Committee procedures are followed.
  3. Give notice of all meetings in accordance with the Constitution.
  4. Receive and present to the PTA all incoming correspondence.
  5. Act as representative of the PTA to the BIS Management Committee.
  6. Attend Management Committee meetings, or parts thereof, as and when requested by the BIS. However, the Chairperson (as representative) does not hold voting rights on the Management Committee.


  1. Conduct the correspondence of the PTA meetings.
  2. Keep an up-to date record of the Constitution of the PTA.
  3. Make available up-to-date copies of the Constitution to the Director for distribution to parents of new students and the Management Committee.
  4. Keep accurate minutes of all PTA meetings, including meetings of the Committee
  5. Publicize all minutes of special members meetings to parents via the Headmaster/Headmistress.


  1. Record and keep the financial transactions of the PTA in accordance with normal financial practice.
  2. Prepare quarterly and annual financial statements for tabling at Committee and members meetings.
  3. Furnish the auditors with a complete financial statement and all financial records and information as required by the said auditor in sufficient time for the auditor to present her/his report to the AGM.
  4. Undertake all financial transactions of the PTA.

Other appointments

  1. The Director of BIS his/her designee: shall serve as a direct liaison between the PTA members and the BIS management and administration.
  2. The Faculty Representative(s): shall serve as a direct liaison between the PTA members and the BIS faculty.
  3. The Student Council Representative(s): shall serve as a direct liaison between the PTA members and the Student Council of BIS.
  4. The Committee may form other positions as it requires up to a voting membership no greater than twelve (12).
  5. 6. Meetings
    1. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    2. Special meeting of members may be called at any time.
  • It can be called by the Co-Chairperson(s) giving written request to the Secretary, or
  • by a written request to the Secretary signed by a least fifteen (15) parents and/or teachers stating the purpose of the meeting, or
  • The Secretary within one week advise, by way of notice sent from the school, giving two week notice, the time, place and purpose of the meeting;
  • Special meetings of members may only discuss such items as are included on the notice.
  1. PTA Committee meeting
  • The Committee regularly meets once a month, the first Monday of each month.
  • Extraordinary meetings may be organized as and when necessary.
  • Committee meetings are open for all interested parents.
  • A special meeting of the Committee may be called at any time by the Co-Chairman(s). The Secretary will give adequate notice to all Committee members of such a meeting.
  1. Members’ meetings
  • Members’ meetings are normally to be held during school term time.
  1. 7. Distribution of Funds:
  • Distributions of funds should be voted upon at a general PTA meeting. Advance notice should be given at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which the vote is to take place.


  1. 8. Vacancies:
  • In the event that an office is vacated the Committee may fill such by invitation, until the election at the next AGM.


Standing Committees

There shall be eight Standing Committees of the PTA, namely: New Comers, Child2Child, Book Fair, New Year Fair, Potluck Lunch, Staff Appreciation, School Improvement and Service Committee. The Standing Committee chairperson(s) should be filled at the AGM.

  1. The New Comers Committee shall organize activities to welcome new parents.
  2. The Child2Child Committee shall arrange a resource mobilization event to help children in need.
  3. The Book Fair Committee shall organize an event to offer students and families with books at low cost.
  4. The New Year Fair Committee shall organize a family friendly resource mobilization before the end of the first school term.
  5. The Potluck Lunch Committee shall arrange a parent-student and staff social day in the middle of the first term.
  6. The Staff Appreciation Committee shall organize a traditional coffee ceremony for the BIS Staff and Administration.
  7. The School Improvement Committee shall organize activities for improving the quality of the learning-teaching process.
  8. The Service Committee shall be the link between the various charity clubs and the PTA.


Liabilities of Members

No member of the PTA or its officers shall have any personal obligation in respect to PTA liabilities.


Dissolution or Liquidation

No part of the net income, revenue, or donations to the PTA shall benefit any member, officer, or any other private individual (except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered in connection with one or more of the PTA’s purposes), and no member, officer, or any private individual shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any part of the assets of the PTA, on its dissolution or liquidation. In the event of such a dissolution or liquidation, the assets shall be transferred to a charity working with orphans and vulnerable children.



A majority at any business meeting may amend these articles and or the accompanying bylaws during the academic year, provided that there is a quorum present and that copies of such amendments have been distributed to the members previously.


1. Address: The business address of the PTA shall be the address of BIS.

2. Meetings: An AGM shall be held in May with other meetings called once per month during the year at times determined by the Committee. The agenda for the May AGM shall include election of officers and financial reports. Except in cases of urgent business, notification of the time and place of PTA meetings shall be published in the school calendar or written or and/or email notification shall be sent to members at least two weeks prior to the meeting date.

3. Quorum: A quorum for voting purposes shall exist when 15 members are present.

4. Procedures: General meetings will be conducted in English.

5. Dues and Special Fees:  There are to be no dues or fees.


NOTE: Questions of interpretation of the Constitution and By-Laws shall be drawn from the English version.


Pending review and approval